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What is Group Order Ranking?

Group Order Ranking method is a process of performance appraisal that requires a manager or supervisor to position his employees into given performance brackets or classes like top one fifth or third quarter etc.


Ranking method demands the evaluator to rank each employee in the classes from highest to lowest. Different performance dimensions are provided and each employee is rated in all of those dimensions. A cumulative score decides the exact position of the employee in the group.


Features of Group Order Ranking Method:

• Employees are ranked relatively with the members of a group

• Employees are rated in different dimensions pertaining to character and professional capability

• The evaluation is relative to the other members of the group


Advantages of Group Order Ranking:

• Employees are ranked according to their performance level

• It is a comparative scale so easier to determine the best and the worst among the employees of a group

• Employees are rated according to the work they have done or traits they have displayed, so no chances of foul play exist

• The comparison is done among the members of a same group so the comparison factors are similar therefore it is a fair process of judgement

• The employees can exactly understand their exact position among their peer groups this motivates them to work better


Disadvantages of Group Order Ranking:

• The rating procedure becomes cumbersome and complex when the number of members of the group are large

• Rankings cannot be compared across different groups as they might have different comparison factors

• Also with different evaluators, the results of the ranking may not be comparable to each other

• If the comparison factors are not determined properly, the cumulative score will not be proper and the ranking will be faulty

• The evaluator has to be unbiased otherwise the rankings will not be proper


Hence, this concludes the definition of Group Order Ranking along with its overview.

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