Reduced Work Hours

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Definition: Reduced Work Hours

Reduced Work hours is a provision given by an organization to a few employees to work for a lesser number of hours as compared to the mandatory working hours set for all employees. Taylor was the first person to comment on the scientific managements which included fixed working time i.e. eight hours a day. Since then many things have change in human resources and one such thing includes reduced working time.

One may ask why such changes are required. The answer lies in the fact that human’s efficiency decreases with time. There are many countries who have reduced the 8 hour per day norms to even 6 hours. Some countries even have 5 days per week working days. Doing such changes helps in dealing with the manpower effectively and also the net efficiency of organisation increases.


In today’s world, work life balance has become very Important. One such facet of maintain balance in life and work is flexi timing. Flexible working simply refers to any working time which is outside of abnormal working pattern. This means that the working hours is flexible i.e. it can involve changes and variations. It can mean the employee has variables such as when they are required to work or even their place of work.


• Recruitment and retention of employees

• Coordinating the work schedules of employees along with that of production schedules

• The leisure-time and relaxation time and activities of employees is accommodated while facilitating employee personal appointments



• Over payments required by the Fair Labour Standards Act for employees working over 40 hours in one week.

• Managers and employees bear extra stress, and long workdays can be exhausting.


Job Sharing is also one such way to reduce work hours. It is the arrangement in which two part-time employees share a job that otherwise would have been done one full-time employee. Job sharers may work three days a week, creating an overlap day for extended face-to-face conferencing.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Reduced Work Hours along with its overview.

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