Verbal Warning

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Definition: Verbal Warning

Verbal warning is a form of warning given orally by the management, when a person breaches certain norms or policies in the organization. Verbal warning is a disciplinary action towards employees who have done some wrong work or malpractice.

The reason that an employee receives a verbal warning is because,

1. The employee has not been able to live up to the expectations, set by the manager

2. The employee has been found guilty of inappropriate behavior that repudiates the culture of organization.

These warnings are of two kinds, Informal Verbal warning & Formal Verbal Warning. The first instance of the warning is generally considered an informal warning. This is an opportunity where the person concerned is given a chance to rectify his behavior. In case, he/she doesn’t it becomes a formal verbal warning.

Guide to give a verbal warning,

Verbal warning relates to the step-by-step disciplinary procedure. It is reasonable to give an employee time to improve & also ensure that the investigation be held within a reasonable time frame.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Verbal Warning along with its overview.


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