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What is Induction?

Induction is the process of introducing a new employee to his/her job and organization and giving him all the necessary information required by him/her to start his work. The purpose of induction is to welcome a new employee and inform them about the organizational culture, introduce them to their team and co-workers, give them an understanding of their job, help them understand how their work will be connected to his co workers and informing him about the policies of the organization.

Induction helps to reduce the anxiety of a new entrant in the organization and helps him to feel a sense of belongingness in the organization. If the induction process is neglected it may lead to confusion for the employee, wasted time, wasted resources, absenteeism and turnover.

Therefore the objectives of induction are as follows:

1) To reduce the anxiety, shyness and nervousness a new employee feels when he joins new organization and is surrounded by new people and a new environment.

2) To introduce the employees their job, company culture, policies, workplace, work environment and the people of the organization.

3) To ensure that the new employee does not form a negative perception about the organization.

4) To reduce confusion and waste of time and resources.

5) To foster good relations among employees

6) To reduce the possibility of a new employee being exploited by an evil co worker

Induction may be formal or informal.

Informal induction is an unplanned induction and is carried out by small business units. In some cases of informal induction the immediate supervisor may introduce the employee to his job, organization and co workers while in some other cases the supervisor may appoint an existing employee as a buddy to the new employee. The buddy explains all the processes of the organization and introduces the new employee to his surroundings in this case.

Formal induction is a pre planned induction process. It is carried out in large organizations. In formal induction a programme is carefully designed to introduce the new employee to his job, colleague and organization. A formal induction may take more time but it results in new employees learning better about their jobs and hence making lesser errors and working with better coordination with coworkers.

A good induction programme should include the following:

1) Brief history of the organization, the organizations products, industry and competitors

2) The mission, vision and purpose of the organization

3) Policies and rules of the organization

4) The organizational structure and the various departments in the organization

5) Information about the employees job, its significance and the risks and hazards associated with the job

6) About the employee’s department

7) Terms and conditions of the employee’s service and the various benefits that the organization will provide the employee

8) The career development and career progression opportunities available to the employee

Hence, this concludes the definition of Induction along with its overview.

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