Seasonal Work - Meaning & Definition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: November 02, 2016

What is Seasonal Work?

Seasonal work is the work or employment which comes only in certain seasons, and the employment does not continue whole year but it occurs again and again in a cycle. Workers also will be employed only during that particular season.

For example: Amusement parks will have more demand in holiday season and they hire additional worker only during that season, Ski resorts will be open during winter ski season, Tax firms will be on demand and in need of more workers during tax season, retailers like Walmart, BigBazaar, etc. will hire more workers during holiday season, plants give some of the fruits and flowers only in particular seasons so farmers will have more work and hire more worker during that time.


One of the big advantages for the seasonal workers is that they can do it as their own plan. They can choose where to work and after the season they can relax for some time and join any other seasonal job. Seasonal jobs will be available through out the year, but at different times in different sectors. Since companies hire seasonal employees when they need extra help during particular season, companies might find difficult to find the skilled workforce for a short time. Even the expenditures would be high for temporary hiring and training them for the work. Generally, companies get the workers on contract basis from a third party vendor. And the vendors charge additional amounts than the compensation given to worker.


Getting skilled and enthusiastic workers every summer or winter would be a difficult task for the employers. Hence the best HR strategy would be to retain the best employees of the previous season by providing them additional incentives for returning, keeping in touch with them, by being the employer of choice etc. this would also reduce the hiring and training cost.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Seasonal Work along with its overview.

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