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What is Reflective Practitioner?

Reflective Practitioner is a person, employee or any individual who believe in learning constantly and updating their knowledge by reflecting on activities done by them in the past. While implementing any idea or concept, there arise several challenges. These may range from the designing part, planning, implementing of the design or even from execution. The best part is that even though cognitive, and organizational barriers plays an important role, it is reflecting upon the situation, which provides much greater insights, & understanding of the problem.

Reflective Practice can be structured in the following few steps.

1. Exploratory Research

2. Testing the Context in details

3. Framing A Hypothesis & basing it upon the situation

Now the challenge lies here, no situation comes labelled in this form. It is through reflection that you can label these situations from the challenging, troubling & uncertain occurrences. Thus the role of a reflective practitioner is to reflect upon an event, situation or climax and get a unique, attentive assessment & intuitive understanding of the experiments.


1. It promotes self-reflection upon any phenomenon, thereby bringing the best out of a person.

2. This also ensures one makes full utilization of the experience one possess.

3. Often it is not the problem but framing of the problem which generates solutions. Reflective practice inculcates the utilization of actions, ideas, skills to frame the problem so that better solutions are generated.

4. Understanding the meaning of any situation & align it to any personal experience so that a particular guided action is generated.


1. Emotional awareness is essential for self-reflection, so anyone having low Emotional Quotient (EQ) will have difficulty adapting to the role.

2. There must be a recognized dilemma & an effective response for effective reflective practice. It must be clearly understood.

3. It is sometimes time consuming, and time constraints may hamper creativity.

Thus, it is imperative that a reflective process must be in place which answers fundamental questions of how to approach, what to do, & how does the analysis of myself affect the organization & oneself.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Reflective Practitioner along with its overview.

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