Normative Commitment - Meaning & Definition

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What is Normative Commitment?

Normative commitment is the commitment of an employee towards his/her organization when they fell that they “ought” it to their organization to continue working there. It’s feeling that is different from the “want” and “need” feelings of Affective and Continuous commitment, respectively. In this, person feels obliged to work for the company for all the things the organization has done for him/her.

Normative Commitment is one of the many types of organizational commitment. It differs mainly from other two major organizational commitments –Affective commitment and Continuous commitment.


This commitment varies from person to person with the degree of assistance/incentives the person gets from the company, which could vary from as small as providing transportation to as large as paying for someone’s child education.

An appropriate example in this case would be as follows:

• Let’s say Miss. X works for an organization from last few years. Now, she thinks that she had had enough to take away from this company and its time to move on. Just as she was going to put in her papers, she got diagnosed with a lung cancer.

Being admitted to the hospital, Doctors said it would be cured by the chemotherapy. Organization, being a responsible one, made it a point to pay for all her medical expenses. Plus for all the duration of the treatment, she was put to a medical leave with full salary .She, being a strong girl, survived all this and got well post all the processes.

Now she is back in the company and start working normally. Meanwhile, she got very lucrative offer from some other company giving 100% salary hike with a promotion. Though, professional, it’s an offer that shouldn’t be turned down. Yet, she chooses not accept the offer because of the obligation she feels for the present company for standing by her in her worst period. She feels motivated to add value for the organization more than any time before.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Normative Commitment along with its overview.

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