Patterned Behavioral Description Interview - Meaning & Definition

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What is Patterned Behavioral Description Interview?

Patterned Behavioral Description Interview is one type of questions asked in structured interviews for selection of candidates. Situational questions related to past experiences are asked in Patterned Behavioral Description Interview. It is an effective technique for behavioral check of the candidate.


Another similar technique is Situational Interviews. It is a more future oriented approach. Here a situational question is asked to build a perception that if something happens (situation) what the candidate would do or how he/she would react. Both the methods are effective to check cognitive ability and experience of the candidate. Both these methods are based up on “critical incidents”.


This type of questions are used to analyze how the candidate would perform in future on the job for which he/she is getting interviewed. These questions can be clubbed with other questions to get an overall idea of the behavioral traits of the candidate. It is an effective technique which is used to select candidates for managerial roles, in defense forces tec. Questions should be relevant to the outcomes which an interviewer is looking for. A wide range of questions can give better insight.


Example of Patterned Behavioral Description Interview:

Suppose a company X visits a B-school campus for recruiting candidates. To one of a candidate a question is asked “Describe a time when you came across an over-burdened and challenging work in your past job. How did you deal with that?” The response from the candidate can give positive as well as negative outcomes from the candidate. Positive outcomes like candidate did not hesitate from taking help from experienced people or he/she completed job by creating and achieving milestones one by one. Negative outcomes could be like candidate left eating, sleeping and worked day and night which could impact upon his efficiency if this kind of work will be assigned one after the other.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Patterned Behavioral Description Interview along with its overview.

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