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What is Internal Consultant?

Internal consultant is considered as an employee of the company who is capable of giving strategic insights into the company matters, and is available for any advisory role that the company might desire from them on any specialized domain. Internal consultants are also to resolve any business issues, organizational restructuring issues, implement changes & supporting the internal clients for a shared kind of organization.


1. It saves up on the cost associated on hiring an external consultant to understand the company, do a research & then go for suggestive improvements.

2. Since the internal consultants are people from the same organization, they are familiar with the work culture & employees there, so easier to approach employees

3. The internal consultants also are considered to be specialized in a specified domain, thus the information given by them can be crucial for change management in the organization.


1. Not only the consultants other employees must also be able to transfer the ideas that are there into implementation.

2. Often the results that are suggested by the IC’s may be biased towards the organization or the department he is working in.

3. An internal consultant may have an extra burden of responsibility apart from the work that he is doing. Thus it may hamper productivity.

Internal Consultant acts as a change agent by linking with the sponsor & the project team

Thus even though insights are required for any company to function properly in any domain, but we need to hire the right people for the job. Internal consultants are better when there are any organizational issues or confidential issues cropping up.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Internal Consultant along with its overview.

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