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What is Job Simulation?

Job simulation are defined as job sequences, where similar conditions are made according to that which occurs in the real course of job. These can also be referred to as the employment tests, generally asking the prospective employees to perform tasks, that they would be required to perform on the job. Example, for Customer Service executive, a simulation could be talking & addressing concerns politely, & follow-up of complaints properly.

The usage of job simulations help the employers gauge the capability of the person, and also get an idea as to how he would fare in that particular domain.

It is primarily used for the following purposes:

1. Employment Branding Tool : Fun & engaging hiring process help reinforce a employer brand. They may offer a competitive insight when it comes to coming gen of Job Seekers

2. Reduced Bias: Simulations offer a technique to help reduce biasness/subjectivity in the hiring process due to their realism.

3. Predictive Analysis is higher : Since simulations are considered replicas of the job/role, for which a person is applying, scores that one receives in simulations could be strongly correlated with actual job performance.

4. High Degree of Accuracy & Candidate engagement : Job simulations focuses on bringing out the best by making him engage in activities, rather than by filling forms.

5. Offers more realistic Job Preview: It is from the employees perspective.. Over the course of simulation, employees can gauge whether they are fit for the role. It would help them save time as well as the money involved.



1. Understanding whether the person is fit for the job on the basis of the attitudes shown during the course of the simulation.

2. It also allows the person to get a hands on exposure as to what the job will be like.



The process of Job Simulation does require good amount of Costs & Time is involved. It also requires a comprehensive design plan, and the person involved also needs to be instructed well. 

All in all, a job simulation if implemented properly helps one gain key insights about the employee, employer as well as the job roles & responsibilities.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Job Simulation along with its overview.

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