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Definition: Staff Forum

Staff forum is a forum which gives employees an opportunity to raise their employment related issues and a right to request the employer to consult, inform and communicate to them employment related issues, new practices and policies. A staff forum nowadays is a part of most organizations enabling two way communications between the employer and the employees.

A staff forum of an organization has representatives from every region and function of the organization. The representatives are selected by election. It is the duty of the representatives to voice concerns of their colleagues in front of the management of the organization. Their main responsibilities are:

1) Gathering views and suggestions from their colleagues.

2) Representing their colleagues and bringing out their views and suggestions in front of the management in staff forum meetings.

3) Consulting and discussing matters related to employees and the business with the management.

4) Communicating the outcomes of staff forum meetings with management to the employees.

There are several advantages of having a staff forum:

1) There is an improvement in company performance as misunderstandings between the employees and the management is reduced due to communications between them at the beginning of a new project.

2) Performance of employees improves when management communicates, informs and consults with them on matters relating to employment or the business.

3) A relationship of trust is established between the management and the employees due to open discussions between them on employment related and business related issues.

4) Employees are more satisfied and motivated if they have good relations with the management and a good understanding of their roles and how their roles impact the outcomes for the company.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Staff Forum along with its overview.

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