Performance Counseling

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Definition: Performance Counseling

Performance counseling is basically given by the manager to an employee exhibiting poor performance. Mostly, counseling sessions take place when an employee fails to improve his performance even after receiving an informal notification or advice about the same.

Therefore, formal performance counseling sessions take place to discuss the problem areas and methodologies to overcome it. This can be done under various circumstances like the regular performance appraisal process, analyzing the performance of a probationer or during a regular assessment of key development needs of the employees.

Counselling Process

                                                                                                            The Procoess

• Generally, counseling sessions happen in private between the manager and the employee with an observer/support person attending the sessions if required.

• Effective counseling sessions are characterized by an interactive, two-way and open communication. The employee is given an opportunity to explain the reasons for underperformance.

• The job standards expected are communicated to the employee and an action plan for a given timeframe is drafted.

• Records of counseling sessions are maintained, duly signed by the participants

• The manager follows up at regular intervals to ensure that the employee is progressing as per the plan and the set timelines.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Performance Counseling along with its overview.

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