Employee Assistance Program

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Definition: Employee Assistance Program

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are the programs or services provided by a company to its employees to resolve work related issues or personal problems. These employee assistance program services are also usually extended to the family members of the employees so that personal problems which hamper the performance of the employees can be resolved.

The company usually provides these employee assistance program services free of cost to the employees and hires a third party so that the employees can easily share their problems without fearing lack of confidentiality. Such programs can include consultation sessions, special hotline phone numbers etc.

Any issues with employees can reduce their productivity at office, cause negativity and cause stress even to peers. The free benefit employee assistance program includes confidential assessments, referrals, and follow-up services to help employees and their families to deal and cope with stress, psychological disorders, trauma, financial and legal concerns, work relationships and abuse / addiction. These programs and workshops help in motivating employees as they become stress of their issues and troubles.

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