Meeting Agenda

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What is Meeting Agenda?

Meeting agenda is generally known as ‘orders of the day’, which the participants hope to discuss during the meeting. A meeting agenda is communicated prior to the meeting so that the participants can prepare for the discussion. A standard meeting agenda should include the purpose of meeting, participants’ progress on previous action-items and review of the commitments done by the participants.


0:00-0:10 Host welcome and introduction:Host of the meeting introduces himself and welcomes participants

0:10-0:25 Attendee introductions:Ask every participant to introduce themselves and share their reason for wanting to serve

0:25-0:45 choose a project:Introduce some project ideas and keep the meeting open for discussion

0:45-0:55 Set goals and identify leadership:Ask each participant to consider personal goals and make a realistic but determined service commitment

0:55-1:00 Conclusions

1:00-1:15 Leadership team meeting:Meet with the leaders to set weekly conference and work on action-items

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