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What is Virtual HR?

Virtual Human Resource or virtual HR Management means providing the HR services to employees either by self-service platforms (like websites or kiosks), or by outsourcing the non-core services to some organization to gain competitive advantage.

Virtual HRM is practiced for following reasons:

-          To save costs

-          To gain competitive advantage

-          To share the risk with the outsourced organization

Virtual HR serves the following functions:

-          Virtual Recruiting: The organization either outsources a recruiting agency or conducts a virtual job fair including webinars (web seminars) and video interviews to serve the purpose. Virtual recruitment proves to be cost effective and gives instant access to a large pool of candidates

-          Virtual Training: Outsourcing a training specialized firm or carrying out a self-analyzed, self-demand based self-development training are the effective ways to conduct this vital business activity

-          Virtual On-boarding: Conducting online employee orientation programs to keep flexibility among the company experts’ schedules is the trend these days

Hence, this concludes the definition of Virtual HR along with its overview.

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