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What is Johari Window?

Johari Window is a tool that is used to improve the understanding between individuals. Using this tool one can build trust with others by disclosing information about him and with the help of feedback from others; one can learn about himself and come to terms with personal issues.

The Johari Window consists of four windowpanes each representing our personality.


Arena: It is that part of the window where an individual and others know about himself like the name, height, weight, or the things including told to others by the individual about himself. This is an area which is very open for all to see.

Blind Spot: It is that part of the window which others know but the individual doesn’t know about himself. As an example, people might know that an individual is a good listener or talker which the individual may not realize.

Hidden Arena: It is that part of the window which an individual doesn’t want others to know about him. These are usually the private information like close feelings, insecurities or not-so-great experiences.

Unknown Area: This windowpane is the information neither the individual nor others know about the individual. These can be the potential abilities that an individual might not have discovered yet.

Information may move from one pane to other panes which depend on the mutual trust developed between the individual and others. With time, usually individuals start trusting others and tell more and more about him which may expand the Arena and reduce the Hidden Arena.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Johari Window along with its overview.

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