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Personal Development Plan - Meaning & Definition

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What is Personal Development Plan?

Personal Development Planning is a structured process of creating an action plan based on individual’s learning, performance & achievements, to plan for his personal, professional and educational development.

It includes answers to some basic questions which help an individual to move in right direction.


-          What kind of person I want to be?

-          Am I satisfied about my professional achievements?

-          Am I making right decisions to attain my goals?


A Personal Development Plan consists of:

i) Requirements of Current/future Role:

The individual thinks about the key job elements required to work and progress in future. He lists down all the action items he needs to do to fulfill his requirements of the role.

ii) Identifying areas of Strength & Development:

The Individual then identifies the areas of his strength and the ways to use them more extensively. He also lists all the areas which have scope of development & the ways in which he can address those.

iii) A Smart Action Plan:

The Individual then develops an action plan which is:

Specific (well defined goals)

Measurable (quantifiable actions)

Attainable (realistic targets)

Relevant (contextual goals)

Time Bound (time scale set)


Hence, this concludes the definition of Personal Development Plan along with its overview.

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