HR Generalists - Meaning & Definition

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What is HR Generalists?

HR Generalists are the professionals working in HR department of an organization with responsibilities of managing the employees’ relations with the organization right from the point when an employee joins to the point he/she is associated with the organization.


In fact, HR Generalist team is the backbone of HR department and handles all the functions related to an employee. HR Generalist professionals are in demand in all the industries and work with employees at all levels in an organization. HR Generalists need to be cordial, attentive and prompt in order to be successful in their roles.


The major roles and responsibilities of HR Generalists are –

1. Interaction with Employees:

HR generalists plan and carry out recruitment and selection process for new employees. They also organize training and orientation programmes for the newly-joined employees. Besides, Generalists manage the attendance, performance appraisals, payrolls and benefits for all employees.

2. Formulating Company Policies:

HR Generalists provide their inputs at the time of formulating company’s HR policies. They circulate the updated policies among all the employees and actively entertain their feedbacks.

3. Interaction with external players:

HR generalists interact with external players of a company like insurance providers, universities and colleges etc. They negotiate with insurance companies to get attractive plans for their employees. They also maintain relations with reputed colleges and universities to hire talented employees.

4. Other Responsibilities:

Some of the functions handled by HR Generalists are: defining retirement benefits, conducting exit interviews, processing final settlements etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of HR Generalists along with its overview.

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