Absence or Absent (Unscheduled)

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Definition: Absence or Absent (Unscheduled)

An unscheduled absence may be defined as one for which an employee did not obtain the required verbal or written approval from the concerned authority by close of business on the employee’s regular scheduled workday prior to the absence.

Every organization has its own attendance policy and compensation for absenteeism is given by organizations as long as their frequency and rationale lie within the guidelines of such a policy.  Unscheduled absence policies are a part of the attendance policy framed by organizations to encourage responsible leave usage amongst employees in order to improve work performance and productivity and reduce the negative consequences of absenteeism on co-workers. The following absences come under the ambit of unscheduled absence:

  • Tardiness, which is arriving at work after the designated reporting time, or returning from break and/or lunch after the authorized period has ended
  • Leaving early, which implies leaving before the end of a workday without 24-hour prior approval
  • Calling in, which means calling the supervisor prior to or subsequent to the designated reporting time to report an inability to report to work
  • Failure to report an absence properly, which denotes a failure to properly notify the absence

e.g. If the working hours for an organization are from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m, an employee leaving before 6.00 p.m without approval shall be deemed unscheduled absentee.


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