HR Coaching - Meaning & Definition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: May 05, 2013

What is HR Coaching?

HR Coaching is the process of training, motivating and providing feedback to business executives in order to enhance their skills and business behavior which leaves major impact in an organization. This type of coaching involves personal development of managers and executives which not only increases their capabilities but also helps them increase knowledge in dealing with people.


Sometimes managers don’t like to leak that they are being coached by HR professional and hence in such cases a confidentiality is maintained and individual meetings (Video conferencing is encouraged) are arranged. During the process they are assessed and are provided with continuous feedback. This type of coaching pertains to all levels of employees in an organization.

Following are the attributes pertaining to HR coaching:

  • Motivates and helps in retaining valued relationships
  • Reduces costs compared to additional training/staffing costs
  • Enhances team skills and efficiency
  • Provides with professional networking opportunities

HR professionals who provide this type of coaching must be well versed in management and behavioral theory & practices. They must be well acquainted with goal setting strategies, advanced communication skills, organizational skills etc. Apart from above qualities, a HR professional must be good listener, trustable and able to provide 360 degree feedback to the manager/executive he/she is working with.

Hence, this concludes the definition of HR Coaching along with its overview.

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