Body Language - Meaning & Definition

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What is Body Language?

Body language is communication through non verbal bodily gestures, actions, expressions, movements and postures.

Body language can play an important role in communication and marketing, where it is important to understand customer and consumer preferences and behavior through bodily cues.

Body language can indicate a variety of feelings such as boredom, aggression, relaxation, comfort and discomfort, amusement etc.

According to research, body language represents 55% of what is communicated. Hence, while communication, business development pitches and sales roles in marketing, appropriate body language is essential.



Ramesh, a sales person in Airsell Enterprises had a sales project, where he had to pitch to many people to sell sim cards. While interacting with people, he observed, that people generally had open arms, bright eyes, and many small nods when they were interested in buying sim cards, and receptive of the information. When people were resistant and didn’t want to hear about the sim card at all, their general approach was with folded arms and distracted moving eyes.

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