Developmental Counselling - Meaning & Definition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: May 12, 2013

What is Developmental Counselling?

Developmental counselling is a mutual attempt where both managers or superiors and subordinates or juniors take part in order to identify strengths and weaknesses, decide on performance related problems, and determine and create an appropriate action plan.

Developmental counselling is an employee focused communication in order to work on aligning the individual’s career goals to the company’s goals. It can be considered as a four step process–

  1. Identification of Need: a thorough check is to be kept in order to map for events arising the need to conduct developmental counselling
  2. Preparation for Counselling:this includes activities such as selecting the location, scheduling the sessions, preparation for the session, organizing information and creating an environment to learn
  3. Conduct the Counselling: this includes discussing the issues during the sessions, working on an action plan and document
  4. Follow up on the sessions: Implement the plan of action and evaluate

Example: Companies these days conduct Leadership Development Programmes (e.g. E&Y) which fall under Developmental Counselling

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