Performance Improvement

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Definition: Performance Improvement

Performance improvement means to improve one’s way of working so as to meet the required performance standards of the job or department or organization. It can be applicable for improving one’s own performance as well as for improving someone else’ performance.

There are a number of methods that have been developed for performance improvement. Some of them are Organizational, strategic planning, productivity improvement, Leadership development, etc. These are some of the proactive and progressive steps that an employer would take if he finds that his employees’ performance is unsatisfactory.


Eg- Incase there is an employee frequently misses deadlines, then an incentive plan can be devised that encourages him to meet the deadlines. This would motivate him and also help in his performance improvement.

On the other hand, employees should be allocated work based on their skills and capability i.e. there should be a job fit. This will also help them to deliver results better also improve their performance.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Performance Improvement along with its overview.

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