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What is E-Recruitment?

E-recruitment is the use of technology and electronic resources for the process of attracting, selecting and managing the recruitment in a company.

E-recruitment includes practices carried out by the organization using technology, particularly web-based technology for the purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees. Through e-recruitment employers can save resources by reaching larger number of potential employees and facilitation of the recruitment process like using assessment tools incorporated into recruitment software.  

E-recruitment is also known as online recruitment as internet communication is vital to this process. However, e-recruitment has certain disadvantages such as being too impersonal, high volume of responses and faces certain technology issues.

The main elements of e-recruitment are as follows:

  1. Applicant Tracking: Status of candidate with respect to the jobs applied by him/her
  2. Employer’s Website: Communicate details of job opportunities and collect data for the same
  3. Job Boards: Just like recruitment advertising section of a newspaper or magazine, will carry job advertisements from employers and agencies
  4. Online Testing: Some kind of evaluation of candidates over internet
  5. Others like multiple posting tools, Intelligent CV parsing etc.

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