Suspension - Meaning & Definition

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What is Suspension?

A human resource practice, suspension is the practice in which an employee is not allowed to attend official work and will also not be receiving any compensation during the period. Employees in an organization are expected to adhere to the organization defined professional and ethical conduct, failing which he/she may be subject to disciplinary actions that include demotion, dismissal or suspension.

The employee against which such disciplinary action has been taken will be notified in writing. The effective date from which the suspension will be implemented is five days following the notification to the employee. The employer is also expected to adhere to fair employment practices as suspending someone from the work is a serious step and must be done carefully only in case of severe breach of conduct. The employer is also liable to provide suitable reason to the suspended employee as to the reason for suspension and has wait with the final decision until the case looks strong enough.

Hence before suspending any resource the employer has to ask the following questions

• Is their significant evidence against the employee to be suspended?

• What could be the impact of the suspension on the organization?

• Does it allow investigation into the matter?

• Is it fair and just as per the laws of the company?

• How long the employee should be suspended?

The suspended employee will be liable to be reinstated in his former position with the same pay-package after the end of the suspension period. The main reasons behind suspending an employee include

i) stopping any recurrence of similar events

ii) conducting investigation of the incident

iii) letting the employee know that they can lose job on repeating the incident.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Suspension along with its overview.

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