Learning Management System

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Definition: Learning Management System

Learning Management System is a software package for administration, reporting and tracking of e-learning content and resources to student.

The main features of LMS are administration, assessment, course management and content management.

Criteria for selecting LMS:

• Security and Reliability

• Features and Functionality

• Ease of Maintenance

• Hardware and Software Consideration

• Access

• User Adoption

• Course Design, development and Integration

• Course Monitoring

• Assessment Designing

• Communication

• Productivity Tools and many more

Hardware and Software for LMS:

Mostly server software needs http server site.

• Server Software:

- Windows 2003

- Apache

• Database Software:

- Oracle

- Ms SQL

• Video:

- Interactive Learning

- Non- Interactive Learning

LMS Package:

• Commercially Sold: TrainNet

• Open Standard: MOODLE


LMS handles all aspects of the learning process. LMS is designed in such a way that it gives and manages learning content & evaluates individual and organizational learning or goals, monitors the progress towards meeting those objectives.


LMSs are used by organizations for training workflow & resource management, collaborative learning and student self-services etc. Some LMS providers also include "performance management systems" and “recruitment and reward functionality”.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Learning Management System along with its overview.


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