Day-After Recall Test

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Definition: Day-After Recall Test

Day-After Recall Test is a method of measuring an Ad’s effectiveness in terms of consumer’s recall of an ad, a day after the exposure to the ad. It is conducted to make sure that the intended message of the ad is getting passed on to the consumers.

The response of the consumer is taken by conducting one to one interview for every consumer. This method is being used widely these days because of its problems.

Problems of this method include the expense of individual interviews and the tendency for some people to report seeing the ad when they actually have not seen it.



HUL launched an ad for AXE Signature, in which a subtle form of seduction element is used along with the main message of its long lasting fragrance. If user after watching that ad can only recall the seduction part, then the ad has not done well on the recall test.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Day-After Recall Test along with its overview.


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