Recall Test

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Definition: Recall Test

It is testing the reach and effectiveness of the advertisement of print media where a person is asked to recall advertising messages the person remembers. There are two types in recall. If the person is given some clues for recalling it is called aided recall and if the person is not given clues, it is called unaided recall.

Recall differs from recognition in a way that in recognition a person is asked to pick an item that he/she has previously been seen from a number of other items that have not been previously seen.

Factors Affecting Recall

Encoding Specificity : People encode information along with its context. The memory takes cues from environment and encodes the information.

State-Dependent Learning: When a person's internal state during retrieval and encoding matches, memory will be better.

Transfer-Appropriate Processing: If the type of task at encoding and retrieval matches, memory will be enhanced.

Levels of Processing Theory : Deeper processing leads to better encoding and retrieval.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Recall Test along with its overview.


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