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Audience Profile - Meaning, Importance, Types & Example

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What is Audience Profile?

Audience profile is the process of profiling the characteristics of the audience of a particular business or advertising medium. Audience profile creates the description or profile of a customer based on his or her demographics, social, economic characteristics etc.

Importance of Audience Profile

Companies take a lot of effort is reaching out to the correct target audience in their target market. To reach out to the most fruitful & accurate customer, companies create the audience profile which goes hand in hand with the product, service offering or ad campaigns. An accurate audience profiling is essential for marketing & advertising campaigns to be more effective. Audience profiling happens based on:

1. Economic characteristics such as disposable income, annual income, car ownership, home ownership, work experience, etc.

2. Social characteristics such as lifestyle, leisure activities, religious background, health condition, buying patterns, age, education qualification, race and gender

This method is effective in order to put across the message in the most effective way to the right people in order to gain the best results. Regular reviews of audience profiling is also done studying & evaluating audience composition.

Types of Audience Profiling

Audience profile for customers of a particular business or advertising medium can be created using their characteristics. There are two types of audience profiling:

1. Demographics

It is one of the traditional methods of creating an audience profile. This defines the groups based on the work which they do. It breaks the population into groups and describes the income and status of each person.

2. Psychographics

It is the way of creating groups of the population based on their behavior and personality trends. This audience profile type labels a particular type of person based on his viewing and spending habits.

Example of Audience Profile 

For Example Newspaper Audience Profile:


Weekly Newspaper Subscribers


60% Male & 40 % Female


Male- 15-60

Female- 20-50


40% earn more than 600/day


Tier 2 cities


60% Graduate

Marital Status

Both Singles and Married


More outgoing and knowledge seeking population. Wants to be updated on what’s happening around the world.




Anti-social behavior

Hence, this concludes the definition of Audience Profile along with its overview.

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