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What is Advertising Channel?

Advertising channel is a medium used by a company to advertise their products and inform the customers about some promotion. The number of advertising channels has grown many folds with the advent of internet technology to embellish traditional media advertising. As a result, television, radio, and print advertising are now used in connection with technology-based advertising like e-mails and websites, blogs etc. Marketers choose their advertising channel depending on the budgets they have at their disposal and on which will provide the most effective and efficient adverting for their company.

Importance of Advertising Channel

In order for the companies to survive in the modern business world engaging in some sort of aggressive advertising tactics has become mandatory. Simply relying on word of mouth isn't a good strategy considering the fact that most of competitors are all competing for the same customer base. Luckily, there is no shortage of advertising options from which marketers can choose, providing great versatility in terms of affordability and scope to remain competitive in the market. One among these is known as an advertising channel, and companies that choose their channels wisely have a big advantage in a competitive market. There might be a need for the business to select the right advertising channel(s) in order to reach out to the target market. A company might chose to use social media as a channel in case its customer base comprises of young demographics and might use TV/Radio in case it is older target audience.

Example of Advertising Channel

Social Media and Mobile is gaining wide acceptance now these days with lots of advertisements published through this medium. Other common examples of such channels are Websites, Direct Mail, Emails, Radio, TV and print ads.

Factors in selecting the right Advertising Channel

There can be multiple factors in selecting the right channel

1. Target Audience

2. Marketing Budget

3. Expected Performance and conversions

4. Levels of involvement in Product e.g. a product with high involvement like a car may require more comprehensive selection of channels

5. Product Type - Niche or Generic

These points can lead to selection of right combination of the channels.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Advertising Channel along with its overview.

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