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What is Advertising Copy?

Advertisement copy is the text or the script used in the advertisement in a print, digital, radio, television or any other form of advertisement. It can be in form of printed or rendered text, spoken voice or as conversational format between 2 or more people. The copy in the form of a dialog, narrative, phrase, motto, slogan or sentences can clearly deliver the intended message to the target audience.

We all have at some point or the other have come across advertisements, be it print media, radio ad, television ad or any other form of advertisement. The thing which helps us remember the advertisement may be different like a distinct music, some specific art, the celebrity or its text. Advertising copy is one of the peculiar aspects of the advertisement which helps us remember the advertisement and helps us gauge what the advertisement wants to communicate.

Advertising copy is the dialog or script used to deliver message in TV advertisement, radio advertisements or the print advertisement. In radio advertisements, the role of advertisement copy is all the more important as there are only a few other things which can be used to attract listeners attention. Also, in print form of advertisements, the positioning and the appearance of the text needs to be thoroughly reviewed apart from the meaning it is conveying.

Drafting an advertisement copy requires skill and effort. It requires a thorough analysis of the target audience. It is a crucial aspect of advertisement as for advertisements it is the one thing which is going to convey advertisers message. There are many theories which makes advertisement copies effective and appealing to the customers.

The amount of effort which goes into making an advertising copy for advertisements is tremendous. It is evident by the fact that the companies outsource their advertising campaigns and event to the advertising firms. The advertising industry thrives on their skills and expertise to make the advertisements and advertisement copies alike.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Advertising Copy along with its overview.

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