Advertising Coverage

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Definition: Advertising Coverage

Advertising coverage is defined as the expected number of customers or prospects of a product or brand who will be reached by an advertisement. This number will be largely decided by choice of media i.e. TVC, print advertising, online media and the frequency of advertisement in the selected media.

Advertising coverage plays an important role in deciding how and where to display advertisements. Advertisers sometimes want as many prospective customers as possible to view their advertisements. Thus overall customer reach is an important factor deciding advertising coverage. Advertisers also market the product to specific segment of people in some cases and thus they have to place their advertisements so that target audience should see them. Thus reach of an advertisement to customer according to their needs is also important factor of expected coverage.

The type of media chosen for advertisement plays an important role in extending advertising coverage. For example billboard advertisement have limited coverage within the area where it is planted. Television advertisements have large advertising coverage as they are seen by large audiences. Also, the interstitials on internet sites are usually targeted to specific individual and thus gives significant Advertising coverage. Another example of increasing advertising coverage through internet is through Viral Marketing. Viral advertising is method in which social networking services are leveraged to produce increased brand awareness by making an advertising campaign viral. Thus people share the advertisements on their social networking account thus increasing the advertising coverage.

Thus choice of media and the frequency of advertisement determines the viewership of advertisement and thus advertising coverage.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Advertising Coverage along with its overview.

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