Advertising Awareness

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Definition: Advertising Awareness

Defined simply, an advertising awareness is the amount of attention an ad gets from its target audience. It is the extent to which customers are aware of the advertisement in the first place and the degree of recall of the same.

Advertising awareness can be of four categories:

Top of the Mind Choice: The first brand/ advertisement that comes to a person’s mind when a product category is mentioned is the TOMA. For example, when asked about cell phones, most people say Apple or Samsung. This constitutes top of the mind awareness

Unaided awareness: The brands that people mention without any help when a product category is mentioned comes under unaided awareness. For example, if people mention Samsung right after Apple, then Samsung comes under the unaided awareness group

Aided awareness: When the interviewer gives a clue in the form of brand description or an ad of the brand and people are able to mention it, it comes under the aided awareness category

Not aware: When people are not able to recall the ad even after being provided clues and descriptions, the consumer is said to be unaware of the brand , its product, or its advertisement.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Advertising Awareness along with its overview.


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