Advertising Supplement

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Definition: Advertising Supplement

Advertising supplements are newspapers or magazines that accompany the main newspaper, but instead of featuring editorial or news articles, feature advertisements. Supplements are never sold as a separate entity outside of the main newspaper and are periodical in nature i.e. are not included in the newspaper daily but at regular intervals like once/twice/thrice every week/month.

The advertising supplements may be either local (for a region/city/district) or national.

The ads in these supplements range from automobiles, electronics, real estate, travel to matrimonial. They may be placed in a direct advertisement form as in the supplements published as newspapers, or as an article, which is actually just a paid advertisement, as in some supplements published in the form of magazines.

The advantage of this kind of advertising is that supplements are usually kept for longer time than the daily newspapers which are read and discarded mostly on a daily basis, hence increasing the exposure of the ad. Also, people who read the supplement are the ones likely to be searching for a specific thing, like property. Hence, the chances of converting the ad to sale are higher.

For example, Indian national newspapers such as TOI and Hindustan Times have supplements, like for real estate, matrimonial etc. that are published on a fixed day each week. In addition, they may publish a magazine supplement of cars where they place a number of ads (direct and in the form of articles) by companies like Ford, Hyundai etc.


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