Media Strategy

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Definition: Media Strategy

Media strategy can be defined as the usage of an appropriate media mix in order to achieve desired and optimum outcomes from the advertising campaign. It plays a key role in advertising campaigns. The objective of Media Strategy is not just about procuring customers for their product or services but also focusses on placing a right message towards the right people at the right time and ensuring that the message is relevant and persuasive. Media Strategy is designed to achieve the above mentioned target but the budget is always kept in mind.

There are three “W”s to be decided. They are:-


Where to advertise?

The question is to find out where the advertisement should be displayed to the current and prospective customers. The common available options are - TV, radio, newspapers, blogs, hoardings on roads, sponsorships, ads during breaks in theatres, etc. It can be done at international/national/state/city level as per the requirement of the brand.


When to advertise?

The timing of advertisement is very critical especially with respect to the seasonal products. There is no point in airing advertisement for room heaters in summer season. It should be aired right at the end of monsoon and beginning of winter season.

Which type of media to use?

It is very important to use a correct media type for delivering the message. There are two basic media approaches which can be adopted -

1) Media Concentration approach –

In this approach, firms concentrate their campaigns only on a few media types (generally two or three) in order to reach their target consumers instead of using a wide variety of media types.


2) Media Dispersion Approach- In media dispersion approach a wide variety of different media categories is employed to reach the target customers. It is employed when the entire target market can’t be reached by a few media types.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Media Strategy along with its overview.

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