High Pressure Selling

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Definition: High Pressure Selling

High Pressure Selling is also known as hard selling. As the name suggests, the phrase means creating enough pressure so that it can generate huge sales at a rapid rate.

High pressure selling is done for various reasons which are listed as follows:

1. Incentives for salesperson: Selling in greater volume helps the sales person reach their stipulated target which results in additional incentive pay.

2. Shelf space: Pushing the firm’s product is also done so that the firm’s product portfolio can occupy a greater amount of shelf space.

3. Inventory control: Hard selling is also done to keep the inventory to an optimum level.

4. Plant capacity: A manufacturing plant needs to operate at an optimum level of production which might not match the market demand of the produced good. Hence, to prevent stockpiling of goods in the warehouses and inventories, company’s sales rep push hard to sell the excess goods to the distribution channels.


Hence, this concludes the definition of High Pressure Selling along with its overview.


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