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Holdover Audience

This article covers meaning, importance & example of Holdover Audience from marketing perspective

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What is Holdover Audience?

Holdover audience is the percentage of radio or television audience who listened to or watched the program after the one they were watching. Holdover audience are also called inherited audience or carry over audience. Holdover audience are carried over from the previous program.

These audience is basically the target audience for the company. It is important to have a wider reach in the market but focusing on a certain segment of the population gives guaranteed profit to the company. This certain segment is actually interested in your products and services and therefore watch your program or advertisement. Target audience depends on the type of products you are offering. More market research is required for specific domain products like website designing rather than general products like food & beverages. If the audience is more specific then data should be gathered by the company to ‘narrow-focus’. Market research companies and surveys can help in data collection.

Importance of Holdover Audience

Holdover audience means your customers remain attracted to the program. In order to make people buy your product, you have to relate the content of your message with the customers personal experiences. If audience is being carried over to your program or advertisement then you have succeeded in conveying your message to them and they are actually interested in your products or services.

Holdover Audience

Advantages of Holdover Audience

1. Cost of marketing your products and services to consumers unlikely to buy it is eliminated

2. It increases the sales and success rate of your products

3. Easy to understand their expectations and problems

Disadvantages of Holdover Audience

1. Time consuming and expensive to find the holdover audience

2. You may lose other potential clients

Example of Holdover Audience

Let’s say people are watching ‘MasterChef’ on the television. Out of those people say 30 percent audience watched the program following it i.e. they didn’t switch to any other channel. Then this 30 percent is the holdover audience. So, it is also important to place your program or advertisement after such a program which has a large customer base so to increase the probability of your program being seen by greater number of people.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Holdover Audience along with its overview.

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