Internal Audience

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Definition: Internal Audience

Internal audience comprises of the people within or closely related to an organisation. Internal audience is an important concept in marketing & branding as it is argued that branding should start internally with the employees of the organisation being aware and proud of the organisation’s top brands.

Importance of Internal Audience

Reaching out to the correct target audience in the target market is critical for businesses. It is important to communicate internally and educate the employees of the organisation, especially the sales force about what the brand has to offer and how they can relate to it. Only once do the employees feel an ownership of the brands the organisations sell, is then you organisations can take advantage of employees marketing the brands by word-of-mouth. Hence it is argued that reaching the internal audience, who probably share the same values and beliefs as yours, is the first one that should be reached. Internal audience can also be used for testing before launching a new product as you will get to know if it will appeal to people, if they will be able to relate to it or not. Similar to internal audience, the external stakeholders in the target market are known as external audience.

Example of Internal Audience

For example, if you want to launch a new health drink in the market, and your target group profile (demographics, geography & psychographics) matches closely with your current employee base, then you may want to give out samples of the drink, explain the USP of it and see how well it is accepted, but looking at intention to purchase/re-purchase or doing survey for collecting feedback. This way, your internal audience would give a feedback regarding how they find the product and if needed, improvements can be made before launching it for the market.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Internal Audience along with its overview.

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