Secondary Audience - Meaning, Importance & Example

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What is Secondary Audience?

Secondary audience is the groups of people who are not likely to buy use your product but can exert an influence on your primary audience & play an important role in their buying decision. It is very important for companies to target secondary audiences through their advertising and promotions such that they have positive attitude towards your brand & influence the primary audience to buy your product. Secondary audience can be anyone such as children, spouses, friends, neighbors & associates.

Importance of Secondary Audience in Marketing

In marketing, based on the ability to influence the buying decision and buying the product, there are 2 types of target audience which a company must focus on. They are primary audience and the secondary audience. Primary audience have the money, decision making and the ability to buy products for them selves. On the other hand, secondary audience are customers who influence or exert pressure on the primary audience to buy the product for them. Companies have the constantly monitor, evaluate and keep a check on the target market using the targeting strategy.

Examples of Secondary Audience

Some examples of secondary audience are as follows

1. For example Kelloggs Chocos has primary target audience as Kids in the age range of 8-12 years but for this product their secondary audience is the mother who decides what kind of food should be given to the child. For this reason, most of the Kelloggs Chocos advertisements are targeted towards mother. Mother plays the role of decision maker here.

2. If children or teens want to buy a laptop, they have to influence and convince their parents to buy the same as only their parents can afford it. Hence, children are the secondary audience in this case.

3. Elderly people who want medicines, glasses, walking stick etc are secondary audience as their children buy it on their behalf.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Secondary Audience along with its overview.

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