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What is Reminder Advertising?

Reminder advertising is used by primarily by established brands or in a follow-up to a more extensive ad campaign in order to remind the consumer about the product or service, or to introduce new life or new theme into existing campaigns. This type of advertising happens later in the product life cycle around maturity stage and before the decline stage.

Reminder Advertising is used to ensure that the product does not fall to decline stage early.

Importance of Reminder Advertising

They serve to enhance the top-of-the-mid awareness of the brand and to reinforce the key messages of the brand value and/or recent offers or products. They are often brief and mention the name of the product and testimonials of past customers etc. and are repeated to keep the public interested in, and aware of, a well-established product that is most likely at the end of the product life cycle.

We all see many campaigns about the products which we are already aware since long time. We may even have bought the products many times but the products still advertise to remind us of the same products.

Factors of Reminder Advertising

The factors which are kept in mind for reminder advertising are:

1. Product Stage

Where the product is in the product lifecycle as of now. If the product is in maturity and decline stage then it is better to start considering it

2. Financial Performance

Even though the product exists in the market but the sales have been falling can lead to an opportunity for reminders to the customers.

3. Decline in Repeat purchases

There may be drop in repeat purchases of the product after initial purchases then the reminder advertising can help in reminding the customers to buy it as the product exits

4. New features or version

Sometime the product is updated and a new feature is added then a campaign to remind the customers of the product along with the old and existing feature can be a good opportunity for a reminder.

Examples of Reminder Advertising

Some of the good examples of reminder advertising can be Coca Cola, McDonald's, FedEx, Colgate etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Reminder Advertising along with its overview.

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