Catalog Marketing - Meaning, Importance, Types & Example

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: January 20, 2022

What is Catalog Marketing?

Catalogue or Catalog Marketing is form of direct marketing where the seller prepares catalogs of merchandise or products and sells directly to the customer. The catalogs are generally in printed form but can also be distributed through online and digital channels like websites, kiosks or messages. To avoid printing and distribution costs, the catalogs are being increasingly made available online. Products from various companies or vendors may be combined into a single catalogue to provide a one shop point for customer looking out for a particular type of product.

Importance of Catalog Marketing

Catalog marketing helps the user to see all the product offerings of a company at one place with relevant information and variants making it easy for the customer to browse through the options, compare them and take the decision. With online catalogs functionality like comparison, offers, options can easily be presented for better decisions.

Companies are using social media to market their catalogs and make sales directly with the customer.

Types of Catalog Marketing

There are many types of catalogs in the market. The manufacturer can create a catalog of all its products and present to the customer directly. Intermediaries can also use multiple catalogs to create a single catalog with similar products of various brands and companies. This helps the customer even better to make purchase as per the need and budget. 


Avon is a good example of a company successfully leveraging this channel to sell its range of cosmetics. Many online marketplaces also present catalogs of products per category where a customer can check the product and its description along with price and directly order the product from there.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Catalog Marketing along with its overview.

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