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What is Marketing Activation?

Marketing Activation is the process of the initiation and execution of the elements of the marketing mix (such as product, price, place and promotion) as a part of the marketing process, so as to get better results and also provide greatest return on the customer marketing investment. In a nutshell, marketing activation is the implementation and execution of all marketing activities planned by an organization.

Importance of Marketing Activation

Activation focuses on trying to better enhance the process of purchasing of a product by a customer. A Marketing Activation program, if properly executed and coordinated, can measure, and can be used to strategically plan to meet the key marketing and business objectives, within deadlines.

These types of programs can augment and accelerate the activity and the impact of already existing programs. Marketing Activation strategies are useful in identifying opportunities in marketing and to shift consumers to the right point of contact with the right information.

If brand activation is carried out properly, consumers will have a favorable and strong opinion about the brand due to the personal interaction, and they will spread this opinion among others as well.

Types of Marketing Activation

Marketing activation can be broadly divided into two types:

Long Term Brand Activation

Brand activation refers to the process by which the value of the brand is “activated”. Here, the main objective is to connect the brand with the customer on an emotional level. The focus here is on building a long term emotional connection, between the consumer and the brand.

This type encompasses all the brand building activities executed by a company over a larger time frame.

Short Term Marketing Activation.

This type is more short term but direct. It includes all the sales promotion activities which are executed by the company to improve sales immediately. It can be through offers, discounts based on pricing strategy. It generally focuses on generating immediate sales (short term).

Example of Marketing Activation

After the launch of a new car, the company invites people to come and test-drive the car to get a feel of it, to prove to its potential customers how well it works, as compared to the customer’s old car. This can be defined as short term marketing activation.

But let us take an another example where a company spends lot of time and effort on creating the brand for the car by focusing on the features and research. Marketing activation around car safety and features over the years will lead to long term brand loyalty among the customers as well as potential customers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Marketing Activation along with its overview.

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