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Service Inseparability

This article covers meaning, importance & example of Service Inseparability from marketing perspective

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What is Service Inseparability?

Service inseparability is a concept which states that services are produced and consumed at the same time and can’t be isolated or detached from their providers. Providers can be companies, institutions or individuals of these services through people, processes or equipment. Further, both the consumer and the provider equally affect the service outcome.

Inseparability means that the services provided to the customers can not be separated or detached from the provider and presence of the consumer is a must in the service delivery process.

Importance of Service Inseparability

This is an important aspect of services which makes it different from a product. A product can be bought and isolated from the seller or manufacturer easily but a service requires the seller or provider along with customer to be there for the delivery.

A company in the business of providing services need to take it into every decision and improve customer experience. As per the concept, a customer has to be present always for service to be produced and consumed. If the customer experience during the service process is not good then the customer may not buy it again from the same provider. Hence the inseparability has to be accounted in the entire service delivery process at each step.

Examples of Service Inseparability

Let us take an example of an hotel ABC. The good and clean room with services like TV, room delivery and other hotel services like sports, gym, tennis and other similar services are linked to the customer being present at the Hotel at all times as a paying guest. The customer cannot detach these services from the hotel and use them later.

The rooms in the hotel are coupled with the hotel ABC and not as a separate product. The hotel is in business of providing hospitality services to the customers and not selling real estate. Here the services and ABC hotel are inseparable by the virtue of the inseparability concept.

Other similar examples are Banks which provide banking services through various channels. Another example can be a School which provides education.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Service Inseparability along with its overview.

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