Unique Selling Proposition USP

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Definition: Unique Selling Proposition USP

In this world of cut throat competition, a company needs to differentiate its products and services to sell.

Unique Selling Proposition USP is a factor that makes a company gain a unique market positioning with respect to the number of other competitors. USP often makes a non-user try and converts a user into loyal customer. It is that one factor that your company has and the others in the market don’t.

A USP could be in terms of superior product quality, low cost, process of service delivery, the first ever product of its kind etc. In order to come up with a USP a company often needs to put itself in the shoe of the customer and see what motivates the buying behavior of the customer and why they choose to buy your product over the competitors.


  • Southwest airline claims itself to be the lowest priced airline, in this case its cheapest fares is its USP.
  • Dominos has its USP as its 30 minutes delivery policy.
  • Apple is perceived as high quality product manufacturer. The Quality acts as its USP hence enabling the company to charge a premium price for its products.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Unique Selling Proposition USP along with its overview.

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