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Systems Selling

This article covers meaning, importance & example of Systems Selling from marketing perspective

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What is Systems Selling?

Systems selling is the process of selling interrelated goods or services together as a package rather than selling them separately or independently. Under systems selling, the goods that are clubbed together are mostly complimentary goods. This helps a manufacturer sell more products and also helps the customer purchase the interrelated goods together.


Importance of Systems Selling

Companies often produce one core product which is beneficial for a consumer. However, the standalone product requires certain accessories or complementary product to use it for a benefit. This is where the concept of system selling comes in, where the manufacturer sells the main product and its accessories together for a complete benefit. However, both products can be purchased individually also. System selling increases the sales volume of the products and it helps the customers to save their time as well, hence it creates a win-win situation for both.


Example of Systems Selling

A company like Gillette sells a razor (core product) and a blade (complimentary product) together in a package rather than selling them independently. Even though both products can be purchased, it makes more sense to sell them together.

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