GD Topic - Lockdown: Is it Enough to Fight the Pandemic?

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5 people are having a discussion on the topic (Aman, Bharti, Candy, Deven, Elicia). The GD Topic is Lockdown: Is it enough to fight the coronavirus pandemic

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Group Discussion Starts

Deven: Hi all. The gd topic for today’s discussion is lockdown: is it enough to fight the Covid19 pandemic. Since the beginning of 2020, world over people are struggling to cope up with the spread of the fatal coronavirus. While a substantial number of people have recovered, the fatality is 3-6%. Till the time there is not vaccine against coronavirus, lockdown is the best way to stop the spread of the virus.

Elicia: Yes. Lockdown is the only solution available to prevent a rapid spread of the virus. Countries like India, Singapore, Korea etc which have used lockdown as a tool, have been able to curb the rapid spread. On the other hand, some countries like USA, Spain, Italy delayed the lockdown and hence suffered more. Hence lockdown is an important method to save lives.

Aman: While lockdowns are justified, it will never offer any solution. The solution or exit strategy against the Covid19 lockdown would not happen unless a medical solution or vaccination is developed to fight the virus. Lockdown can only ensure a slowdown & prevention.

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Bharti: Well as I think, lockdown was necessary but its adverse impact on the economy is even worse. While the privileged can afford a lockdown, the underprivileged have to struggle for survival. In India alone, a total to 400 million people have become unemployed because of the lockdown, In USA, the total unemployment has become the worst ever. While lockdown helps in slowing down the viral spread, it offers no solution to the people.

Candy: Yes there are economic impacts, but unless people survive there is not point of having a good economy. Economies & businesses can always be revived but not all infected people can be cured.

Deven: At the moment, the most important thing is to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This will ensure smooth administration and enable paramedics & hospitals to take care of the people who are already infected with the virus. Without a lockdown, more and more people will get infected and increase the burden on the government authorities.

Bharti: Nobody is denying the importance of lockdown against Covid19. But the problem is that a lockdown will have more issues and make people jobless. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, people are struggling for food, basic essentials, medicines, water etc. While remaining in lockdown and maintaining social distancing is good for the upper classes, the middle & lower societies are struggling for basic amenities. Also, lockdown can be feasible for the people and economy for a shorter duration. But this being an indefinite lockdown, people are starting to panic and hence it offers not solution.

Elicia: True that people are facing issues with lockdown, but at this very moment the need of the hour is to prevent the coronavirus spread to give the government, hospitals, pharma companies etc time to find a solution. The only way to slowdown this devastating pandemic is to ensure a stringent lockdown.


Lockdown is an essential method used by countries to slowdown the spread of the coronavirus. Since there is no vaccination or solution against fighting Covid19 virus, lockdown is giving hospitals, governments, paramedics etc time to cure the infected people. However, lockdown has several drawbacks as people are becoming unemployed and struggling for basic essentials like food, water, medicines etc.

Facts related to the group discussion

1. Size of lockdown in countries: India (1.3 Bn), China (700 Mn), USA (300 Mn), Russia (140 Mn)

2. Unemployment: India (400 million), USA (3 million)

3. India has close to 23% unemployment rate due to coronavirus

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