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Importance of Digital Marketing to Attract Tech-Savvy Customers 19 August 2016

Marketers are confronted with new difficulties and opportunities in this age of digitalization. In a layman terms, “Digital Marketing” is the use of electronic media by the advertisers and marketers to promote their products or services, in reality it’s much more than just this sacrosanct sentence. The core objective of digital marketing however lies in pulling in consumers. It also targets in the formation of interactions between the brand and the consumer through digital media.


Brand - Its All in the Name 16 August 2016

How would it feel when someone offers you a Brad’s cola? What would you do when someone asks you to look for something in a BackRug? Though these names sound very peculiar we all have used these rugs and tasted these colas. It would not be exaggeration to say that these names got imbibed into the lives of “GEN Y”. They are none other than the erstwhile names of Pepsi & Google.


Word of Mouth Marketing - Creating Brand Awareness 08 August 2016

When you plan to purchase a product or go for a movie, don’t you take the review of your friends or relatives beforehand? Well, I guess many of you do. Every time an individual makes a choice of buying something for themselves or for others, word of mouth comes into play.

First, let me talk about what is word of mouth advertising. It is an unpaid form of promoting your brand where your satisfied customers explain how much they like your brand, service or business to others. It is the most influencing factor to aware the customers about their brand and the company that may lead in generation of more new customers for your brand from your one satisfied customer. 


Should Education be Marketed? 05 August 2016

The title of this article seems much generalized. But as we go through the article I expect majority of the doubts to be clarified. The reason why this topic was chosen in the very first place is the excessive ads that you see everywhere pertaining to different Institutes offering single(or multiple) degree(s). But the all-important question. Why go for such aggressive marketing of an Institute when as per the education system, technically a student will get admission only in an Institute where he or she qualifies?


Power of Hashtags to Enhance your Brand 01 August 2016

There are multiple ways to enhance the brand of a company which involves simple to complex methods. It is always better to analyze how successful companies enhance the brand through various social media marketing tools. Here, we are concentrating on one of the latest trending social media marketing tools- Hashtag. Now-a-days companies are using hashtags in commercials as well as their websites. So, how hashtag can help companies enhance their brand? There will be so many dilemmas when we are planning to use hashtags like what if somebody is using the same hashtag as ours for an entirely different view point, what if competitors use same hashtag, etc.


Creating Brand Awareness with Picture Posting on Social Media 28 July 2016

It is well known that "word of mouth" is exceptionally prominent and compelling source of marketing for a business. Social media now a day is one the buzz creating “word of mouth marketing”. Motivating individuals to associate with you online in the social space gets the message out about your organization and your product & services. So there are truly two function of online networking for business: 1) Are you taking part in the discussion and sharing, and 2) Are you listening and checking what is being said in regarding your brand and company.


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