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Power of Hashtags to Enhance your Brand August 01, 2016

There are multiple ways to enhance the brand of a company which involves simple to complex methods. It is always better to analyze how successful companies enhance the brand through various social media marketing tools. Here, we are concentrating on one of the latest trending social media marketing tools- Hashtag. Now-a-days companies are using hashtags in commercials as well as their websites. So, how hashtag can help companies enhance their brand? There will be so many dilemmas when we are planning to use hashtags like what if somebody is using the same hashtag as ours for an entirely different view point, what if competitors use same hashtag, etc.


Creating Brand Awareness with Picture Posting on Social Media July 28, 2016

It is well known that "word of mouth" is exceptionally prominent and compelling source of marketing for a business. Social media now a day is one the buzz creating “word of mouth marketing”. Motivating individuals to associate with you online in the social space gets the message out about your organization and your product & services. So there are truly two function of online networking for business: 1) Are you taking part in the discussion and sharing, and 2) Are you listening and checking what is being said in regarding your brand and company.


Marketing for Startups in Existing vs New Markets July 26, 2016

A startup starts with an idea. The idea may be a breakthrough innovation meant for a new market or one that solves a problem of an existing market. In other terms, I like to term it as entering a blue ocean that is new and unexplored vs. entering a bloody red ocean where a large number of competitors are already present and struggling hard to capture market share. Now, it is crucial to understand that these are two mutually exclusive areas of the market have entirely different dynamics in terms of customer sentiment as well as the marketing requirements.


Impact of Patanjali on the Indian FMCG Industry July 20, 2016

Patanjali Ayurveda Limited, an Indian FMCG company based out of Haridwar, is now creating a lot of buzz in the FMCG space. The brand garnered a lot of space in Indian household shelves pushing away the big brands. The journey so far has not just baffled the marketing gurus, but it also stands as a testimony for the principle “Product Offerings which meet customer requirements turnout successful”.


Disruptive Marketing - Discovering the Blue Ocean July 17, 2016

As a convention to deal with marketing, organizations develop products and services and after that actualize techniques to pull in new clients to their business. However, circumstances have really changed now. Today's customers drive a complete market, not only a business. Organizations as such, must generate leverage out of this factor by aligning their offerings as per the customer needs. And to leverage out they must go the Disruptive Marketing way!


Product Packaging- Improving the Brand Image of a Product July 12, 2016

Developing brands encompasses the significance of packaging not just in keeping their products untouched, crisp, and ensured, but also as a crucial part of their marketing and advertising endeavours. The product’s packaging is the mark you leave on customers’ mind, and it can draw in new age customers’ attention very powerfully than any obsolete deal or marketing strategy.


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