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Building your Business with Zero Budgets 04 July 2016

So you finally got a great business idea and have stared your business. However, unfortunately you don’t have huge budgets for promoting your business. Don’t worry. You don’t need money to promote your business. All you need is creativity and of course your time and energy. There are various strategies that will help you in achieving early promotions for your business. Though, you need to keep in mind that great promotions are no alternative to a good product. If you have a bad product no amount of marketing will be able to drive sustainable profits.


Social Media Marketing- Challenges and Importance 01 July 2016

The impact social media can have on the society can be estimated from the fact that “Jasmine revolution” was the result of Facebook campaign in Tunisia which later led to uprising in many other countries which came to be known as “Arab Spring”. Back home in India, successful campaign on social media led by BJP in general election created such a wave that BJP swept its rivals in many states while parties which have earlier ignored social media in political arena have now created dedicated PR teams to promote their agenda and to handle any negative publicity on social media.


Creating a Successful Mobile App 29 June 2016

If an intelligent extra-terrestrial were to observe upon us humans, then I am sure they will be amazed by how much a single species has developed in comparison to others on the same planet with the same opportunities. There are a few major technological advancements which have revolutionised our way of living. Discovery of fire, agriculture, trade, internet, these are all the events which shaped human society. The latest addition to this list is the intention of smartphones. While you may think of it as just an advancement over the traditional mobile phone, but the opportunities that it offers are as enormous.


Relation between Brand Image and Consumer Preference 14 June 2016

A brand is the term, symbol, design, or feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from their competitors. The brand image refers to consumer’s feeling and perception about the brand and has a significant role in consumer buying behaviour. All thriving firms across the world have the ultimate goal of strengthening their brand image. In the market, brand war can be seen among the competitors in which each one tries to gain the maximum market share, which will be possible only when the firm offers the best product/services at affordable price, So the main purpose of the marketing strategies is to influence the consumer’s attitude toward the brand and to develop the brand equity. Brand equity can be measured in both ways with perspective to the customer as well as the company.


Go-To-Market Strategy For Small Businesses 05 June 2016

A business idea has struck your mind and after much deliberation you have decide to enter the market with your offering. But, is that it? NO. With the nation going on a start-up spree and small enterprises making all the difference, what differentiates successful enterprises from the unsuccessful ones – what allows them to adapt themselves to changing environments – is a properly planned, robust and at the same time dynamically evolving Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy.


Increasing the Textile Lifecycle for a Better Environment 01 June 2016

You must have heard it a million times “Save planet” or “Protect environment”. These phrases have been overused so many times and in so many contexts that instead of doing something about it, we now have become immune to these words. But the conditions are only worsening, the environment is still not protected, planet earth is still not saved. Because, it never needed saving. Planet earth has been there million years before us and will remain there million years after we have perished. The only thing in danger here are us humans. We are the vulnerable ones who require this feeble balance of atmosphere to survive. Which can be easily disrupted.


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