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Vertical Segregation - Meaning, Importance & Example

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What is Vertical Segregation?

Vertical segregation is a situation where people of a particular gender, race or age cannot hold positions higher than a particular designation. Vertical segregation is mostly seen as a situation of discrimination of women. Sometimes this vertical segregation concept is also referred to as ‘glass ceiling’ where there is less or no representation of women in powerful and important higher positions in the organization.

Women are mostly at the bottom of the organizational hierarchy as compared to men under vertical segregation. This barrier in business is also termed as a glass ceiling for women.

Vertical Segregation

Importance of Vertical Segregation

In business, there are two types of occupational segregation, mostly on the basis of gender. These gender segregation types are horizontal segregation and vertical segregation. Vertical segregation is a practice or situation does not allow women to be promoted beyond a certain level in the organization. In a vertical segregation situation organizations allow men to ride the glass escalator where women must watch men surpassing them on the way to top positions in the organization.

Example of Vertical Segregation

When there is a situation in an organization where men and women are in the same job category in the organization but the men are given more responsibilities and are entrusted with jobs requiring higher skills as compared to women or men are paid higher as compared to women then that situation too can be referred to as vertical segregation. Vertical segregation is very difficult to measure. It can lead to an unpleasant situation among the employees where one set of employee do not get what they deserve.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Vertical Segregation along with its overview.

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